Position Overview:

Dave Friedman Team is looking for an experienced Marketing and Operational Lead. As we continue to grow, we are looking for the right person to manage and implement marketing communication projects with responsibilities that include driving high quality buyer and seller leads; content creation and distribution; public relations; special events management; advertising via radio, internet, social media and other outlets; Dave Friedman Team Publications and driving brand awareness.

This person must be a leader, influencer and a strong culture fit with high degree of accountability and discipline; a contagious positive attitude; a growth mindset; be willing to hustle and work hard; and a commitment to excellence in everything they do.

Job Standards:

1. Primary Objectives – What are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job?

  • Leadership, Management and Accountability (LMA) for Marketing and Operations
  • Create and distribute content for Dave Friedman Team - we must become the market’s premier publisher of high value information!
  • Drive and own Dave Friedman Team’s brand including our reputation in the market
  • Own the Dave Friedman Team’s “71 Touch” Strategy and make it better!
  • Build, implement, and manage all systems for recruiting, lead generation, database management, information management, and back-office support
  • Create and maintain an operations manual that documents all systems and standards
  • Process improvement, process documentation, and process creation
  • Coordinate the purchase, installation, and maintenance of all office equipment
  • Keep the Team Leader informed regarding any problems or issues that need to be handled
  • Responsible for hiring, training, consulting, and holding accountable all administrative team members
  • Maintain, manage and update all marketing, Team Events, Customer Appreciate events. Marketing includes radio, newspaper, video marketing, etc
  • Plan team events
  • Protecting Team Leader from the daily whirlwind – emails, calls, texts, pop-up meetings

2. Regular Work Activities – What are the most frequent and essential work activities in this job?

 Own and Drive the “L2 Experience (Lead to Lifetime)” for the greatest ROI on our existing client database

 Own the brand and make sure it fully expresses our “Attractive Character” to the market

 Own Social Media, SOI/PC marketing and is focused on growing our database of referrals from SOI/Past Clients

 Own implementation of marketing initiatives to ensure we hit deadlines and drive high quality leads

 Keep the Integrator and Visionary informed regarding any problems or issues that need to be handled

 Conduct R&D for new lead sources by identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed, providing information and commentary pertinent to deliberations, recommending options and courses of action, implementing directives

 Is focused on ferociously obtaining market share by developing marketing plans and systems for each lead source to make them as effective and efficient as possible

 Understands every lead source for Dave Friedman Team’s: how it works, what it costs, how much labor is needed, why we use it, owns the backend of the systems and makes everything more efficient

 Owns the website and how it should look and the consistency across all websites and social media platforms

 Focused on how we can use video at a high level to be an even better “Marketing Company”

 Constantly studies other top teams around the nation and understand what they are doing and how that works to bring those ideas to our team to grow and increase leads, listings and sales

 Tracking effectiveness of online marketing and website lead capturing

 Drive our reputation by capturing testimonials from happy clients and leveraging them to gain more business

 Coordinate the preparation and distribution of collateral materials and signage to support the sales effort; ensure adherence to brand standards

 Manage Dave Friedman Team Press and sell ad placements to local businesses

 Conduct market research as needed and gather client testimonials for video and other distribution sources

 Checking the emails and phone messages for Dave Friedman

 System development, implementation, and improvement

3. Management Responsibilities – How many people and which roles will be directly managed by this person?

 Marketing, Events Coordinator, and Operations

4. Key Skills – What behavioral traits, attitudes, and skills are required?

 The ability to THINK BIG and “predict the future”

 The ability to analyze and think ROI all the time

 The ability to simplify a complex thing into something simple and bring many thoughts and ideas back to one ultimate goal - a closed home sale and a happy client

 Strong written and verbal communication skills

 Robust understanding of database management and CRM software

 The ability to use/study copywriting to deliver strong written and verbal communication on all marketing pieces

 Highly organized and flexible with the ability to prioritize multiple projects and meet deadlines, often with frequent interruptions and changing circumstances, in a high‐ volume, fast‐paced work environment

5. People contacts and Interactions – What are the primary people contacts in this job (who, why, and how often)?

 Leadership Team – Daily/Weekly

 Visionary/Integrator – Daily

 Marketing & Events Coordinator – Daily


The Marketing and Operation Lead will think about brand and return on investment for every channel we utilize. The questions they ask themselves will be: How can we do it better? How can we get more for less? How do we drive the best quality leads for the lowest price possible? How do we close 1,000+ homes every year? How do we roll out the Lead to Lifetime Experience that causes clients to remember their experience with Dave Friedman Team for years to come?

A good Marketing Lead will take stewardship and ownership of every dollar that is spent to drive high quality leads for the business. They will actively create systems to maximize our effectiveness at converting them – we want high quality leads. This is done while they perform as a Operational Leads. They should be able to track their own success and offer suggestions for improvement in their follow-up techniques and tools. They should be able to Delegate and Elevate so they can keep thinking bigger and bigger to drive more growth for the organization.

A good Marketing Lead will lead the Marketing Function in such a way that they are a cohesive unit that meets deadlines, upholds and perfects the brand. They are the gateway to profit! Leads come in… sales come out… they own every aspect of L2 Experience for the organization.