We are currently looking for a KEY hire in our company for an incredible opportunity as Team Captain for our Lead Generation team. This person will train a call center department that fuels the growth of DFT. The ideal person for the role wants to work in the sales role (75% of the time) while also training a telesales team, assisting in daily and weekly tracking, and wants additional leadership opportunity in the near future. This person will also be humble, coach-able, focused, accountable and have high energy. Their goals in 2019 will consist of two things: 1. Train the team from 3 ISA professionals to a total of 6 professionals 2. Achieve personal sales production standards

Future Potential - The next step in the career ladder is to own the responsibility for driving revenue through the entire department. They will hire, manage, lead, and hold accountable telesales activities through the Inside Sales Agents (ISA’s). Manage all leads of the team and for the department to be responsible for 90% of all appointments the outside sales team meets from non-builder lead sources.




High level of rapid problem solving

High level of logical problem solving

High structure

Very adaptable

This person MUST HAVE 1+ years of management experience AND 1+ years of sales experience (MUST!!)

  1. Needs to possess amazing training skills where they are able to achieve results through other people. This roles growth will require them to know how to lead, management, and hold people accountable to standards after a promotion.
  2. Has the knowhow to read data through spreadsheets that keep score of all metrics within the lead generation team. They will know how to train people to impact the pinch points in the sales conversion cycle to increase results. Deep analysis of ROI and efficiency per lead source and consistent management to improve results.
  3. Needs to be able to see what may go wrong in a situation and have the urgency to solve the problem. A self starter is a requirement.
  4. This person will be accountable and not be afraid to hold people accountable to setting the bar over and over in the industry. Needs to have habits of a high achiever and work tirelessly to get the job done.
  5. Will need to time block their day putting the biggest priorities into their schedule first, surrounding those with the next most important and finally filling in the rest with the next most important. They need to stay in their lane and focus on the 20% of the position that will drive 80% of the results.
  6. Technology skills are an important part of the role. Understanding on how to leverage technology to increase conversions and make the sales team more successful.

This person will be a player coach and spending 75% of their time prospecting for leads themselves!

You will be a PLAYER / COACH meaning you will be doing the work as well!